About Us

Ministry Leadership

The WorshipAZ Coop is a partnership between Valley Rim Association of Southern Baptists and their 144+ member churches.  Leadership of the Coop is currently led by two ministry coordinators.

Cliff Merrill
WorshipAZ Coop Program Manager

Dr. Debra Wolfrey
Valley Rim Association Program Coordinator

What we do

We work hands on with new and established church worship ministries and leaders by networking with existing, established, and emerging talents within the church community.  We focus on Mentoring, Training, and equipping our church’s worship ministries in order to help fast track new emerging congregations within our growing community

The WorshipAZ CoOp

We are a jointly operated collection of worship teams, musicians, vocalists, AV engineers and mentors engaged in providing worship ministry support and services to Arizona Southern Baptist churches within the Valley Rim Association.

How we do it

  • Experienced Musician Roster of available musicians and leaders in rotation to fill in for periodic absences.
  • Insight and updates into what other churches are doing.
  • Full service fill in worship service team for church special events.
  • Connect with tools and solutions needed to running an ongoing worship and music ministry.
  • Concentrated, seasonal or adhoc Training and coaching for vocal teams, av engineers and musicians.
  • Worship ministry “start up” program for emerging congregations.
  • Special events and workshops.
  • Equipment depot – recycled, refurbed excess equipment get to support church startups or growing ministries.

Meet the Team

Every member of the WorshipAZ CoOp has at least one area of  concentration that they focus on for a one year rotation.  We call them "Roles" and they are where the individuals gifts, talents, passions and calling can provide the highest quality and enduring impact to church worship ministries.


Core Team Member

Mentorship, Training, Planning

Focus on supporting the coop program and its members.   Helps organize and plan CoOp activities and programs.  Great for members who thrive working behind the scene and great online prowess and networking skills.

Each instrument & tech roster has a leader that is part of the CoOp Core Team.

WorshipAZ CoOp Team

Worship Teams

Worship Leaders & Team Members

participates as a member of a full worship team that rotates on some determined schedule. Team tries to have same members consistently for continuity and efficiency.

The worship leader mentors the team, new worship leaders, plans services and leads rehearsal while staying connected to other leaders in the CoOp to maintain consistency, help needed and improvements for their team.


Roster Musicians & AV Techs

Vocalists, Musicians, AV Techs & Leaders

Members of a roster are available to fill in at church, event or a CoOp worship team to cover absences. Members rehearse with church or worship team if possible and availible for special CoOp events.

Great for individuals who like to be flexible and not tied down to a ongoing weekly schedule.

Get Involved

Here are just a few ways churches and individuals can participate in the WorshipAZ CoOp:

  • Identify members with Emerging gifts and support and encourage participation in CoOp.
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Coaches/mentors/members
  • Give your worship team a “break”
  • Sponsor an emerging congregation.
  • Buy a “start up kit”
  • Donate equipment to depot.
  • Sweat Equity – setups, repairs, etc.
  • Share your solutions & Success
  • Share your people.
  • Join us in a 1 year rotation.


Minimum Guidelines for WorshipAZ CoOp Members

  • A Born Again Christian for 2+ Years, Baptized and currently active in a new testament church.
  • At least 16 years of age.
  • Demonstration of basic craft/skill that can be used for facilitating worship.
    (Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocals, AV, etc)
  • Passion for worship before music.
  • Desire to serve a ministry before a position.
  • Open to encouragement, coaching, feedback.
  • Have or can arrange own transportation.
  • Regular access and use of social media and electronic communication.
    (Facebook, email, internet, text, PLANNING CENTER)
  • Recommendation by a ministry leader or pastor from church currently attending. (in addition to the tryout/skills assessment process by a CoOp Worship Leader, CoOp Ministry Leader or Lead Roster Musician)


CoOp Member Commitment

  • One year commitment as a CoOp Member.

Available up to:

  • 2 evenings per month (Rehearsals & Planning)
  • 1 Sunday once every 1 or 2 months. (Team or Roster)
  • Personal practice & training as needed.

What we aren't looking for:

  • Performers
  • Those looking to learn how to play an instrument or free music lessons
  • Church/Ministry Recruiters
  • Pride, Conflict, Drama, Egos


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